3 Reasons to Invest In a Heirloom Wedding Album

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What is a Heirloom Wedding Album? It’s not just any photo album, but a valuable family legacy that will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond! In today’s blog, I’m sharing 3 reasons why you should invest in a high-quality wedding album.

1) It’s a treasured family item that will be passed down from generation to generation

Can you imagine your grandchildren coming across their grandparents wedding album and getting to look through your wedding photos? Getting to see and feel how you felt on your wedding day. How neat would it be for you to be able to view your own grandparents wedding day through an album that has been in the family since your grandparents marriage? I think the idea of having a timeless wedding album is truly invaluable when you think about how much of a true heirloom it will be to the family for so many years to come. I cannot wait to share our own wedding album with not only our own children someday, but be able to pass it down so that many grands will be able to enjoy the legacy of the family too!

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 2) A physical, central “home” for your beautiful wedding photos to be viewed 

You likely invested a lot of money into your wedding photography. Your wedding photos are pretty important photos, they deserve a nice, central home to be stored in. An album that will last the test of time, something you can be proud of and will beautifully showcase these cherished memories. As much as we have digitized our world these days, these precious photos are not meant to stay stuck on a USB or an online gallery, but to be printed and preserved so that you can see and share the physical copy of your love story in photos.

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3) It’s your legacy

Your wedding album is a part of your love story. It displays one of the best days of your lives, the day you became one! I think you could agree that planning your wedding day was not a cheap or easy thing, you deserve to show off the results from months of planning!

Where can I get a wedding album?

The best way to purchase a high-quality wedding album that is going to stand the test of time, is through your professional photographer directly.

The quality of album you will receive from your photographer does not compare to what you might be able to purchase as a consumer. The reason for this is because most professional wedding photographers outsource their wedding albums through exclusive album labs who only provide to pro-photographers. The quality of these albums is typically very high end and guaranteed to last a lifetime when cared for properly. The albums are typically handmade with the highest quality of materials and the photos are printed right onto the thick album pages. When purchasing from other cheaper, consumer-only retailers, the resources used to make the albums is not up to par quality-wise compared to a pro album lab. This could mean your album could start to fall apart after just a few years and the print quality of the photos in your album may not be as great of quality or coloring could be off.

Personally, I have just started using Kiss Books as my wedding album source and I just love the simplicity of their look as well as all the linen/leather album covering options they have to choose from! Beyond that, they’re based in Indiana (Indianapolis to be exact!), I know that some of the top professional photographers both within the U.S. and internationally have chosen them because of their quality AND I have personally seen and held their beautiful albums! This assures me that a quality, long-lasting album will be delivered to my clients, and at a pretty affordable price for a high-end album. To me, value and affordability is extremely important when it comes to a wedding album that I want to last forever, among many other things! I know my clients personally have the same values.

Are you convinced you need a wedding album?

A high-quality wedding album comes at a cost, it’s an investment in treasuring your greatest memories as best as you can for future family members to look back on. But, it is so worth it. I get it, weddings are already very expensive as is to plan/save for! My husband and I actually just purchased our own heirloom wedding album as kind of an early 2-year wedding anniversary gift to ourselves. So, if you can’t quite afford a nice wedding album immediately, maybe plan to save for one as a 1 or 2 year anniversary gift to yourselves. Many photographers still offer album purchases 2-3 years after the wedding has already happened!

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