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Thirty-something who loves traveling just as much as I love being a homebody. I enjoy sourdough baking among other "homestead" activities. I'm a wife & mother. We own 7 chickens. Lover of super sweet wines, farmhouse porches and the smell of coffee brewing. I appreciate anything homemade. Pursuing a relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ. Just trying to love all humans well, as He would.

Favorite city to spend a weekend in

Charleston, South Carolina

There's something special about looking back on precious memories through a polaroid


Natural beauty

Spanish Moss

The best napping environment


Reasons why I should be living in the South

Shrimp & Grits

sarah's favorites

I never planned to become a wedding photographer, in fact, when I picked up a DSLR camera for the first time in 2016 I never imagined it would one day become a career path for me. I used to work in higher education, doing many administrative-type positions that left me feeling drained and unfulfilled. I dreamed of doing something more meaningful and enjoyable and I’m so lucky that photography brought me to a point where I could leave my full time desk job and pursue wedding photography. I went full time with my business in 2019 and haven’t looked back since!
Working with fun-loving, happy couples who cannot wait to get married and giving them some of the best memories of their life in the form of photos brings so much meaning and joy to my life. I have been in the wedding photography industry for 8 years now, photographed well over 100 wedding days and just love the relationships I have been able to build with the people I’ve had the privilege of serving.

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