The Mock Sparkler Exit, Explained (& the benefits!)

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The mock sparkler exit, also known as “the controlled” sparkler exit. Basically, this type of sparkler exit is done earlier in the evening instead of waiting until the very end of the night. If you’re planning on having a reception that will last a little late (I’d say later than 8:30/9pm) and are wanting sparkler exit sendoff photos, it might be a good idea to think about possibly incorporating a mock sparkler exit instead of waiting until the end of the night!

*Keep scrolling for my biggest sparkler exit tip too!!

There are two big benefits of mock sparkler exits:

Saves you money on hourly photo coverage

Most photographers base their packages based off of a specific consecutive hourly coverage. For example, most weddings I book are typically for 8-9 hour wedding days. If you’re wanting to include a sparkler exit at the very end of your reception, you’re more than likely going to need more than 8 hours in order to capture the day from tail end of getting ready all the way through to the end of the reception for the sparkler exit. Most of the time, it just doesn’t make sense for me to stay that late at the reception, especially when your open dance time at the reception is going to last longer than 2 hours…after so long of open dance it really all starts to look the same, same people on the dance floor, same people sitting visiting and same people hanging out at the bar. I tend to run out of things to photograph pretty quickly at that point. When you opt for an earlier mock sparkler exit, we can put on the sparkler exit earlier and still get you all those awesome sparkler photos without having to add on more hourly coverage until the very end. 

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Everyone can be included in the sparkler exit for a fuller effect

I’ve been to quite a few end of night sparkler exits where many of the guests have already left for the night, especially the older folks! This creates a really sparse-looking exit because there’s not as many people to fill in a good line of sparklers for you to parade through. You of course would like to think your guests will stay for the majority if not all of your wedding day, but more times than not it seems guests start taking off soon after dinner and all of your reception traditions are over! By doing an earlier mock sparkler exit, more people are likely to still be there to create a fuller sparkler exit affect. 

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Are you considering doing a sparkler sendoff on your wedding day? Love the look of them & would love some photos like that from your own wedding day but would also like to party at your reception late into the night, save a little bit of money and make sure as many guests as possible will still be there for the exit? 

I recommend implementing a mock sparkler exit and have your DJ announce that afterwards the party will continue! This is also kind of a good transition time, those that would like to head home earlier can atleast hold out for the sparkler exit and then those that would like to stay and party a little later can do so. Talk with your photographer to figure out the best timing for your mock sparkler exit!

*Biggest Sparkler Exit Tip: Be sure to use smokeless sparklers…if you don’t, you may get lost in a big smoky mess as you cascade down your sparkler exit, and your photos will turn out very cloudy and hazy looking!

An alternate sparkler option idea that includes only the two of you:

If you’re not really digging the sparkler sendoff idea with everyone but would still love to do something special towards the end of the wedding night, you could do some cute sparkler pictures together just the two of you or a Chinese lantern release together for a more intimate romantic moment. There are zero rules now a days when it comes to wedding days, just remember, you can do whatever YOU want!

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