Why You Should Include Sunset Portraits In Your Wedding Day Timeline

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Ahh, golden hour newlywed photos…these photos always turn out to be my absolute faves. “Golden Hour” is the hour prior to the sun setting and really just makes for soft, beautiful, glowy lighting. Photographers love it so much because it makes shooting in so much easier, we aren’t restricted by light and can pretty much shoot wherever we want. Golden hour lighting also makes for such beautiful skin tones and backlighting. It’s really just the best thing ever!

There are many reasons why making time for just 10-15 minutes of sunset portraits on your wedding day is important & worth it. Sometimes the weather doesn’t always workout to get a nice sunset…but when it does…oh man…we really should take advantage of it!

Extra Alone Time As Newlyweds

On your wedding day, you will hardly have any alone time as husband and wife. The day is going to go by so fast and a short sunset portrait session towards the end of the night allows for a few minutes to slow down, enjoy the moment together and take it all in. This is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, you deserve atleast 10-15 minutes of time away from your guests to embrace being newlyweds.

Buffer For Extra Portrait Time

Wedding days are uncontrolled, meaning, stuff happens that can put us behind schedule sometimes. If for some reason we run behind on time and can’t get as many portraits in, it’s always good to plan for sunset photo time so that we can make-up for any photos we didn’t have time to get earlier.

Dreamy Lighting

Not only is golden hour light sooo dreamy, but sometimes there are specific spots on your wedding day that you’d love to take photos at, but we can’t due to harsh lighting at the time. When we have sunset lighting, the light is more soft & diffused making it easier to virtually shoot anywhere we want without the lighting hitting you the wrong way and casting harsh shadows.

More Portraits Together

You’d be surprised how many shots we can get in just 10-15 minutes. This extra portrait time at sunset is going to give you even more portraits together, ones that might actually end up being your absolute favorites because of the dreamy, romantic lighting we’ll have! Plus, who doesn’t want more wedding photos?

Not convinced you need some sunset portrait time? Keep scrolling and let the photos speak for themselves!