Kees and Taylor Nature Inspired Engagement Session at Koteewi Park in Noblesville, IN

I don’t even know where to begin with these two other than I completely fell in love with them last night and felt like I was photographing something that should be a Nicholas Sparks movie 💕

Seriously though, their love story sounds like something you only see in the movies. Kees is from New Zealand, born & raised with the accent and all, they met and fell in love there while Taylor was studying abroad and now they’re set to get married in April!
Kees (who hardly ever takes this hat off and I love it!) will be leaving his life as a farmer in New Zealand to come be a husband to Taylor and start a life here in the U.S.

Not only are they so giggly and cute together, but Kees is also quite the romantic (the guy in every Nicholas Sparks movie always is right!?) and while we were shooting decided to go pick Taylor a bouquet of wild flowers, or maybe they’re weeds, who knows, but it was just the sweetest thing and added a little natural beauty to our session. Keep scrolling to see my faves from this Koteewi Park Engagement session in Noblesville!