Meet Sarah

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Meet Sarah

Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my own little space on the web. 🙂

I’ve been in the photography industry for 4 years now, photographed over 50 weddings and LOTS of portrait sessions. I could go on and on and tell you how “I have a passion for photography” or that “I love capturing sweet memories & pretty wedding details”. Isn’t that obvious though?! I mean, I think just about every photographer could say those things.

Let me instead tell you who Sarah really is!

I’m an Indiana dweller who has always wished to live a Southern life, specifically in the Carolinas. I’m a huge traveler, adventurer and love to go new places. But I also have a homebody side to me that loves being home, taking naps, lounging in my comfy clothes & cooking/baking.

I’m a Christian who loves Jesus, and strives to have a lot of faith but still struggle often, I also will still love you whether that’s your belief/lifestyle or not.

Super sweet wines, blueberry donuts, soy vanilla lattes, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream & M&Ms (Regular or PB kind) are some of my biggest guilty pleasures. My closet is full of muted neutrals, earthy tones & floral prints, you could say that’s my style. I’m a beach girl all the way, but do still love a good weekend trip to the mountains.

I believe less is more, homemade is always better and natural is the way to go.

When it comes to memories, I’m a super sentimental gal, I make it a point to print all of my most precious photos and love a good polaroid.


The Other Half

My husband Joey is my best friend and go to person. He’s huge on agriculture, works in research for Beck’s Hybrids and is currently working on getting his Master’s Degree in Plant Breeding. He keeps our house alive by filling it with plants everywhere!

We live surrounded by corn fields in Tipton County & own 5 ornery pet chickens. We bond over our equal love for ice cream, cooking dinner together nightly, traveling as much as we can afford to & working on house projects together. We also practice Taco Tuesday religiously.

Joey doesn’t have much of a place in my photo business, although I’m convinced one day maybe I’ll talk him into letting me teach him to second shoot weddings with me! He’s a lot like Dolly Parton’s husband, Carl Dean, not really wanting to tag along and be apart of the show but he is still SO supportive of my passion and my work and is always cheering me on behind the scenes. He’s a sweet, gentle and smart guy who has a mind full of ideas and thoughts and could talk to you for hours about all kinds of things if you have the time.

My dream of full time photography wouldn’t be possible without him. Because of him I’m able to have the freedom of fully pursuing what brings me so much J O Y.


Sarah’s Quick Facts

I shoot 20-25 weddings annually

I’ve been in the wedding industry for 4+ years (including 1 year as a wedding day planner/coordinator!)

My favorite place ever is Charleston, SC

I’m a sucker for Titanic and anything Nicholas Sparks

Best known for making getting your photo taken fun, laid back & comfortable