Downloading Your Photo Gallery


If you are wanting to download just a few images to save to phone and share to social media, I highly recommend manually downloading each photo the correct way opposed to just screen shotting. Screen shots always have awful, pixelated looking quality when shared to social! 

STEP 1: Simply click the photo you'd like to download to your mobile device. Once selected, you will see a "download icon" in the bottom right corner (highlighted in photo below). Click the download icon to download the single photo to your phone.

STEP 2: After clicking the “download icon” a message will pop up (pictured) prompting where you would like to download photo to. You will want to click "My device".

STEP 3: Another message will pop up notifying you that another browser window will open and you will be able to hold down on the photo to download. Acknowledge this message by clicking "close".

STEP 4: Your image will pop up in another browser and you can now hold down on the image and select "add to photos". Your photo should now be found in your phone gallery and is ready to be shared! Do this process for each photo you want to download and share from your phone. 

WARNING: Do NOT order prints using your phone downloaded photos, it may cause printing issues!


To download your full gallery to your computer follow the directions below. Reminder: Always backup your photos on more than 1 device whether that be USB, hard drive, online cloud storage, etc.!


STEP 1: After opening your gallery and scrolling down past the cover page, you will see a “download icon” in the top right corner (circled).
Click the icon.

STEP 2: You will be prompted for your email address, this will notify you when your gallery is ready to be downloaded

STEP 3: Select the download size you want. I always recommend to just download the original high resolution files. If you print elsewhere you will need this type of file and these types can still be shared to social media. If you are needing a smaller file to put on say a website or something, web-size would be a good option for that. Just be sure you do not order prints from anywhere using web-sized files.

Select the galleries you want downloaded, file type and then click “Start Download”

STEP 4: The download will take a few minutes to process, but then a download link will pop up for you to download your gallery from.
You will also receive an email with this same link, incase you need to go back later and re-download again.

The gallery will be downloaded into a compressed-zip file. When you click into the zip file, you will see your photos divided into a folder(s).

**NOTE: If you have lots of photos, this download may take a while, be sure that if you leave your computer during download that you don’t allow the computer screen to “Snooze”. This stops your download and when you check back later only part of the photos will have been downloaded.

That's it! Enjoy your photos and reach out to me directly via email if you need additional assistance with your gallery!